World leader in table ordering me&u is creating waves in North America


Since its inception over four years ago, me&u has delivered world-class experiences in hospitality transformation and innovation. Already delivering nearly 30% revenue growth to site operators around the world, the order and payment company has received strong investor support from senior executives at Meta, Afterpay, Uber, Google and LinkedIn.

Creating waves in the US, current venues partnering with the hospitality disruptor see up to 15% increase in tipping for their staff thanks to the platform’s improved tipping feature and a rotation tables faster. Notable restaurant groups and bars across the United States that have signed up with the me&u platform, integrating with their existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, include TexasTruck Yard, Treaty Oak Distilling, Hat Creek Burger Company and Chicken N Pickle.

me&u is committed to solving some of the most important issues facing the hospitality industry. With its growing presence in the United States, it considers itself a trusted partner for major industry associations and guilds, including MVP Partner of the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA).

To carry this momentum forward, the leader in table orders has also bolstered its on-field leadership team with two key hires, including Brian Duncan as Vice President of Sales and Eric Seymour as Business Development Manager.

Created in 2017 by an Australian hotel entrepreneur Stevan Premuticome&u was born out of the belief that through innovation and investment in the right technology, hospitality workers can be supported to deliver a superior level of customer service and satisfaction.

“Having witnessed rapid growth and success in the Australian market, I am excited to grow our offering across North America“, said Premutico. “With the sector being one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, many forces have played to accelerate change within the restaurant industry. Convenience, guided by a digital-first approach, has found a permanent place at the table in the global hospitality landscape.”

The web-based platform offers diners the ability to order what they want, when they want, and with contactless payment via their smartphone. For operators, it takes care of the basics like ordering and payment, allowing staff to spend more quality time getting to know their customers. As part of its comprehensive onboarding process for partners, me&u helps create digital versions of menus, offers professional food photography services and runs training sessions.

“We have seen first-hand that cutting-edge technology can coexist with magical customer experiences,” says Premutico. “I’m thrilled to be able to play a part in bringing cutting-edge technology together with great human experiences to co-exist and create space for the moments and memories that matter most.”

With over 125 team members based around the world, thousands of partners and over two million magical moments created each month, me&u is committed to building a better future for hospitality.

About me&u

Leader in scaling hotel technology, me&u is on a mission to transform the global hospitality industry for the better. Founded in 2017, me&u was conceptualized by the founder Stevan Premutico, to transform the traditional ordering experience in an effort to address deep-rooted structural issues that have been the hospitality industry’s Achilles’ heel for decades. me&u’s smart technology and human-led value systems are at the heart of this transformation by delivering highly personalized ordering experiences and payment options for customers and locations around the world.

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