Tyler eases inspection and permit requirements for repairs related to April 12 storm


From the town of Tyler

TYLER, Texas (News Release) – City of Tyler Development Services is easing electrical inspection requirements for residents and contractors who need to restore power to their properties following inclement weather on April 12 . Residents and entrepreneurs will have until April 26 to take advantage of this service.

Typically, contractors are required to have a license before performing residential electrical work. The City’s electrical inspector inspects the work after it is completed and before Oncor restores power to the residence.

To reduce the time it would typically take to restore power, electrical contractors can perform the work and call Oncor to restore power when the job is complete. Electrical contractors will be required to obtain a Service Repair Permit from the City upon completion of the work. The City’s electrical inspector will follow up with a virtual or on-site inspection of completed work. The department strongly recommends that residents hire licensed, insured, and bonded contractors to perform any electrical work on their homes.

“This only applies to damage from the April 12 storm,” said building manager David Gibson. “Our number one priority is to restore power. Building Services is doing everything in its power for homeowners with electrical damage. Allowing a licensed contractor to carry out the work and have power restored by Oncor will reduce the amount of time residents will be without power. »

The department also relaxed requirements for residents who must repair structural damage from the April 12 storm. Residents or contractors must always obtain the appropriate permits. The office will need to see the scope of work for the project, not detailed construction plans. Repaired work shall meet the minimum code standards specified in the 2015 International Residential Code adopted by the City. An inspection is always necessary.

For more information, you can email our Permit Center or contact the Permit Center at (903) 531-1151.


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