Trimline completes the refurbishment of the Marella Explorer – Cruise Industry News


Trimline announced a new partnership with Marella Cruises, where the company acted as “main outfitter on board” during the recent refurbishment of the Marella Explorer in Puerto Real, Spain.

According to a press release, the Trimline team of 80 people made up of floor installers, decorators, carpenters, upholsterers, tilers, electricians, French polishers, welders and hard surface repairers completed a complex renovation of the main restaurant (Latitude and Vista ) on board.

The complete refit took four weeks and included the installation of a lighting system 15% more efficient than standard LED drivers. According to Trimline, replacing existing lighting with this system saves 130 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Other areas the Trimline team renovated were Indigo, which included installing a fully interactive LED dance floor; The Mediterranean bar which included the recovery of all loose seats and sofas; squid and anchor; hiding place ; Pool terrace; The attic; Umi Sushi; Movie theater; Broadway Show Show; Coffee port; Salon; measure 53; The shack; Destination services; Cruise Vacation Shop; and the carpet of 60 cabins.

According to Trimline, one of the key success factors for the redevelopment was the use of its new app called TAPP. The app enables Trimline, its customers, suppliers and subcontractors to work collaboratively towards the end goal of an executed project, on time and on budget.

During the Marella Explorer refit, TAPP assisted in the following ways:

• Progress Tracking – Having live visibility of progress at all times has given Trimline and Marella a more realistic view of project stage and progress.
• Planned resources versus actual resources – as tasks were distributed it was possible to quickly see where they were with planned resource hours versus real-time resource hours.
• Purchase Status – having an easy-to-access location for all purchases allowed the project management team to see where everything was in the ordering process and where all the materials were.
• People Movements – the fully automated check-in and check-out system allowed the team to effectively monitor the movement of people on board.
• Entrepreneur Portal – since all entrepreneurs had access to the portal, they were able to read and sign all documentation, including risk assessments, before joining the ship. This saved a tremendous amount of time when everyone joined the ship and it also made it quick and easy to see where the forms were missing. While on board, subcontractors were able to quickly access all of their required travel and working documents from the TAPP hub.

“The Trimline team did a great job during the last update aboard the Marella Explorer with fantastic project management skills. Using TAPP, I had constant access to live data, allowing me to see exactly where Trimline was in relation to their plan and when an area was ready for approval. We had full transparency throughout the project, which gave us confidence that we would finish on time, ”said Matt Easton, Renovation Manager, Marella Cruises Hotel.


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