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Sarasota, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sarasota, Fla. –

Blueprint Digital creates lead generation websites for business entrepreneurs and investors looking for passive income. Its solutions have helped it grow to over 100 employees in three years and generate $40 million in four years. The company‘s offer works.

Blueprint Digital is the developer of a leading digital marketing solution that specializes in creating top-notch income-generating websites for local entrepreneurs and investors to build, rank and scale on the internet. Its innovative lead generation solution meets the requirements of its customers with a high level of efficiency and support provided by a team of more than 100 highly qualified experts.

Contractors and vendors looking to increase sales and conversions have a wide range of lead generation websites made for you that take the complexity out of lead generation and allow contractors to focus on their main strengths. While investors can leverage Blueprint Digital websites and digital assets as a source of passive incomeproviding services to generate traffic and leads to support the sales effort of other contractors and vendors.

Blueprint Digital’s team of experts has developed a comprehensive range of best lead generation websites for entrepreneurs to select. The process for a new client starts with a free consultation that only takes 30 minutes, but the long-term benefits it will bring make every minute worth its weight in gold.

Through the application of digital strategies and analytics, these websites are designed to drive Google traffic to customer businesses. In many ways, Blueprint Digital’s value proposition is hard to match: it offers easy-to-use solutions at affordable prices, with no hidden costs or contracts. Investors will quickly recognize revenue-generating opportunities and take full advantage of Blueprint Digital’s tools and services.

Investors essentially act as the marketing arm of small business owners by leveraging these lead generation websites to attract new customers. With the support provided by Blueprint Digital, these investors can easily manage the process, resulting in good revenue at an affordable cost and a positive return on investment. This translates into a sustainable business for website owners.

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Blueprint Digital offers over 500 website designs for clients in various industries, and its knowledgeable support staff manages over 5,000 websites for entrepreneurs and investors. The unparalleled product development effort and service standards offered to the market are the main factors that have resulted in the company’s net worth reaching over $40 million in less than four years.

This is further proof that Blueprint Digital is the provider of choice when it comes to digital solutions for lead generation. The company’s mission is to help customers digitize their sales functions at an affordable price. As Brandon Klinger, CEO/Owner of Blueprint Digital said, “Our only focus is people. We build products, yes, but those products change lives. Whether you’re buying a website as a passive income product or just starting to get leads. for your business, our primary goal is for you to take the next step towards financial independence.”

Blueprint Digital has paved the way for many small entrepreneurs to leverage digital strategies to increase traffic and leads. Within value chains, the robust and cost-effective solutions developed by the company also cater to the layer of digital marketers who serve these entrepreneurs. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, for these players, Blueprint Digital is their Golden Goose.

About the company:

Blueprint Digital is a lead generation company that builds high quality revenue generating websites designed to grab attention on the internet and offers two types of products: lead generation websites made for you and inbound traffic from search engines like Google.

Founded by Brandon and Jessica Klinger in 2019, the staff numbers over 100 and the company has grown to a $30 million business in less than four years, making it one of the fastest growing companies. fastest growing in the United States. Blueprint Digital also manages over 5,000 websites for its entrepreneur and investor clients.


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