Terragone Engineering Provides Seawall Design Services for Hurricane Nicole Damage in Daytona Beach Florida


Terragone Engineering is an established and experienced levee engineering company based in Jensen Beach, Florida, specializing in the design of levees and docks to withstand peak forces like hurricanes.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Daytona Beach, Florida November 15, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Hurricane Nicole caused damage to the seawall near Daytona Beach, Florida.

Quality matters when a levee meets maximum design service conditions during a storm or hurricane. When a levee fails, it’s not always because of the storm, it’s because of the levee’s design and construction.

Not all dikes are built equal, flimsy, under-designed and poorly constructed. Dykes fail much more often than well-designed and well-constructed dykes.

Many seawalls are being built and repaired with cost as the sole consideration in the Daytona Beach area of ​​Florida. This is a big mistake.

Ill-designed and ill-conceived levees will crumble in another “Big Event Storm” somewhere down the road. It’s useless!

Breakwaters can and should be designed with maximum service conditions in mind.

These maximum service conditions must be defined by your engineer and your contractor before signing any contract.

Performance criteria include future toe erosion, levee height, wave height and water impact, and what is expected of the levee to defend its property.

Hiring a highly qualified engineer with years of experience in the levee design and construction industry can help.

There are many inexperienced engineers in the Daytona Beach area after the damage caused by Hurricane Nicole who have recently attempted to design levees, many have designed none or only a few levees in their careers, and should be approached with caution.

Homeowners and business owners should look for engineers with many years of expertise and experience to get a well-engineered, well-engineered seawall and a seawall that can be relied on.

Engineers must have the training and experience necessary to design strong, durable and cost-effective designs. Poor engineering will result in very expensive over-design or very expensive under-design.

Only use contractors who are willing to discuss needs and requirements first, then tailor solutions based on that.

Many contractors near Daytona Beach are cutting prices and installing “levees that should be good enough,” which is a terrible waste of money.

In the short term, hire a contractor who will put in place temporary protections that can be transformed into permanent solutions, otherwise the money is wasted and thrown into the sea.

When you decide to hire an engineer to design your levee, make sure they discuss the latest technology in levee design and construction. Some of these considerations should include:

How long do you want the Seawall to run? 35, 50? 75 or more?

How big should the wall be for the maximum service conditions the Seawall will experience?

What is the expected toe erosion, flooding and wave impact, what is above the wall?

What types of seawall materials should you use, corrosion resistant, composite, vinyl, concrete/vinyl hybrid, steel or exposed concrete?

Are Seawall components susceptible to corrosion, tie rods or internal steel?

Remember that “quality” is your best defense when it comes to Seawalls!

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Terragone Engineering has built hundreds of seawalls in Florida and is highly experienced in using the latest technology to provide high strength, super long life seawalls near Daytona Beach Florida.


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