T & J Xteriors, a roofing contractor in Billings, says, “Storm season is here!”


Billings, Montana – Most local residents can remember storm damage in Billings this happened in 2019. There was baseball sized hail that fell through roofs, siding and gutters. We had shards of glass everywhere, and all of our homes and vehicles were a mess. Cars were dented and battered, and the streets were flooded with debris. Some of the trees were torn from their roots and the standing trees stood leafless like a Charlie Brown tree.

Storm season is here no matter what part of the country you live in. Somewhere in the United States we always get hail or a storm causing damage this time of year. We all need to be careful and have a plan to stay safe. Our valuables will be damaged and can be replaced, but everyone needs a good plan for their safety and to protect themselves in the event of a disaster.

one of us outdoor repair customers in Billings, clearly remembers what happened that horrible day. They were sitting with the family watching television when suddenly a loud pounding was heard on their roof. Young children and their family dog ​​were terrified, crying and trying to get to safety. The storm seemed to last forever, with everyone’s emotions running high. After the storm passed, they went to their yard and picked up the children’s toys, the plastic doghouse and the neighbours’ shingles on the lawn. Their house was essentially intact except for a few broken windows, some missing shingles on their roof, and dented siding. At least that was the only noticeable thing they could see. Not knowing what to do, they called the insurance company to file a claim.

When a storm hits, we all need to make sure everyone is safe. We all need to help each other and pick up the pieces that have been left behind. Communities will have to come together and help family and other neighbors. We can rebuild and keep moving forward.

After a natural disaster, you should call your insurance company and have them send an expert to assess the damage. They will come to your home, inspect all the damage and document their findings. They take pictures, go back to the office and type them into their computer. According to their inspection and your policy, all of your damage should be repaired. If they say there hasn’t been enough damage, you need to get a second opinion and maybe a third. Inspectors are busy after a storm and may miss damaged items on your home.

T&J Xteriors is a billings roofer and an expert when it comes to fixing the exterior of your home. Make sure you have a trusted and experienced contractor on your side to help you through the insurance claim process. The claims process can be a bit overwhelming for most owners, but we make this process easy and bearable for all of our customers.

About Us: T & J Xteriors is a general contractor in Billings Montana that installs roofing, siding, gutters and is an insurance claims specialist.

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