Senior golfers wish their game was as sweet as Easter candy | Calaveras County Sports


An interesting game of bogey points took place the day after Easter April 18 at La Contenta Golf Club in Valley Springs. Some of the play was excellent, while others turned players into basket cases. Complaints have been raised about putts coming close to entering. The winners were pretty happy at the end of the day, as they were surrounded by our groupies wearing Easter bonnets. Luckily, all senior players were rewarded with a bonus for being supporting members.

In the White Tee Flight, jolly Roger Ladd showed he could put together two big nines as he collected more points than anyone on the pitch with 43. Debutant Raul Berdiago added to his popularity by taking second place money. Louis Luna lit another cigar as he took third place, while taking first place close to the holeshot on No. 13. Continuously improving Jon Puckett used the positive vibes from his partners game to win fourth place moolah. Recently returned, Jim Turrentine was able to equalize club champions Al Liberato for fifth place.

In the Gold Tee Flight, retired cement mixer driver Ron Huckaby cemented his reputation with a solid first place finish. Cliff Howard quietly passed the brave Mike Pisano, as he took second place. Gary Stockeland reluctantly settled for fourth place. Ray Delarosa and Dave Moyles split the fifth-place money, which bought them almost a half-gallon of gas.

In the Red Tee Flight, former red tee champion Earl Watkins resurrected a dormant game and easily took first place over Roger La Fleur. Current gold tee champion Harry Kious continued his love affair with red tees, as he tied frequent winner Larry Smith for third place. Crown Prince Carlos Lourenço pleased his subjects with his fifth place finish. David Bockman and Tournament Director Jon Foucrault were battling for sixth place.

In the contest for closest to white’s hole on No. 8, Turrentine silenced former acoustic installer David Dean for first place. Among the gold medalists, AD Hawkins had the hit of the day (5-foot-2) beating Huckaby. Of the reds, retired entrepreneur Jack Cox took out former fire captain Steve Weyrauch’s hot shot to land first.

In the contest closest to the hole on White’s No. 13, retired construction equipment greats Luna and Matt Theodore steamrolled the opposition with Matt claiming second place. From the red tees things got quite interesting as the tees were moved back 30 yards in line with the golds. Conspiracy theorists think they know the culprit, but no one is talking. As a result, the Crown Prince was the only one to hit the green and thus was able to earn a lot of money and add more jewels to his already top-heavy crown.


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