Seagate inaugurates ABC Supply


FORT MYERS, Fla. – Seagate Development Group opened a new facility for American Builders & Contractors Supply Co., Inc. – America’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding and more – at the Charlotte County Park of Commerce, adjacent from Punta Gorda Airport.

Crews will spend the next month carrying out site work and adding the slab to the ground. This will be followed by six weeks of erecting metal buildings before work begins on fire suppression and interior tenant improvements.

This pre-engineered metal building – featuring metal panels and a stucco facade – will house over 53,200 square feet of warehouse and over 6,700 square feet of office space, as well as a fenced outdoor yard. The office space will include a conference room as well as a break room and a showroom.

This Seagate designed and developed facility will span six acres, with 2.5 acres for future expansion.

“ABC Supply has served businesses like ours for 40 years, so we’re excited to serve them as they continue to grow and make a difference in industries across the United States,” said Matt Price. , CEO and Partner of Seagate Development Group. “This location is ideal in every way – for ABC Supply as they continue to have a deep presence in Southwest Florida and for Seagate as we expand our design-build services in Charlotte County – which attracts more and more individuals and businesses every day.”

Earth Tech Enterprises – a Seagate Development Group company – is the site contractor, responsible for silt fencing and vegetation discing as well as construction entry and import of approximately 15,000 cubic meters of fill earth. The ABC Supply facility is designed by Herston Engineering Services and designed by PDS Architecture.

This design-build should be completed in the first quarter of 2023.


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