Resurfacing efforts of US 70 at Cache Rive Bottoms are underway


Dear Mahatma: This is the pest in eastern Arkansas asking when US 70 through the Cache River bottoms will be improved. Not only is it extremely dangerous due to deterioration, erosion and uneven tracks, but it is a disgrace to those who pass through this beautiful region of Arkansas. It’s a major thoroughfare between Memphis and Little Rock and a respite from traffic congestion on Interstate 40. — Beth

Dear Beth: It’s a pleasure to hear from our favorite pest, reader, subscriber from eastern Arkansas. Do not hold back.

Thanks also for clarifying the Lows. That is about 10 miles of US 70 between Brinkley and Biscoe across the Cache River Bottoms.

We put the question to the agency in charge of this highway – the Arkansas Department of Transportation – and got a detailed answer from its spokesman, David Nilles.

ArDot has completed resurfacing 38 miles of the highway in Lonoke and Prairie counties, including the Biscoe Bottoms east to the Monroe County line.

ArDot is currently resurfacing US 70 from the Monroe County line east of Brinkley, a total of 10.5 miles, and will resurface selected sections from Brinkley to the Crittenden County line, work expected to be completed in September . In Crittenden County, an additional 3.5 miles will be redone this year.

Dear Roadway Sage: During my motor vehicle excursions around Little Rock, I have seen well-made plaques mounted on concrete barriers on the side of the roads in two places. One is along the ramp as traffic leaves the southbound lane on the Broadway Bridge; the other on this fun, newly created westbound race track is the Interstate 430/Cantrell Road interchange. I’d love to enjoy them, but I still give my full attention to negotiating those roads. Who will ever be able to appreciate the enshrined thoughts? — Whipping speed reader

Dear Whizzer: Congratulations on the successful use of a semicolon.

ArDot said such plaques are common on state bridges and overpasses because they have historical value and convey a sense of accomplishment. We appreciate the latter, especially on the magnificent Broadway bridge.

Each plate also has, in the lower right corner, the ArDot project number. When most of us get that deadly coil out, highway engineers will use those numbers as our benchmarks.

The plates show the members of the Highway Commission, one or more ArDot mucky-mucks, the contractor and the date of construction.

Here’s what the I-430 plate says in part: “Thomas B. Schueck Highway Ramp 21A over Interstate 430.” Schuck was committee chairman.

The plaque on the Broadway bridge says in part: “Rampe du boulevard La Harpe”.

Vanity plate: 4EVR 29.

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