Residents affected by tidal waves will have temporary housing as assembly begins of new permanent housing units


The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ketu South, Maxwell Lugudor, has announced the construction of temporary structures along the coast for residents who have been affected by the tidal waves that have hit the area.

The decision, according to Mr Lugudor, is to allow residents to have places to lay their heads if the high waves hit instead of being left homeless after the disaster.

Mr Lugudor noted that the Red Cross is liaising with the South Ketu Assembly to erect temporary tents, accommodation for residents and their families while waiting for permanent accommodation.

He revealed that construction of the permanent housing unit would begin this month.

The MCE made this known during its visit to Agavedzi where tents are erected for the affected residents.

According to Mr. Lugudor, he had to push for the temporary solution when he realized it was needed to alleviate the accommodation problems.

“As you can see, the materials are there for the start of the temporary shelter that would prevent people from becoming homeless after any disasters that may arise,” Mr Lugudor said.

“They promised to give us 50 of the tents, so we want to put these things up in case something happens tomorrow. That way at least people can have a place to lay their heads.

According to Mr. Lugudor, the structures are designed to be a concrete foundation with a tent to cover it from the level of the widow to the roof.

Mr. Lugudor noted that it was becoming very necessary to have a temporary remedy as they ramped up work on 15-unit permanent housing projects located on an island about 6 kilometers from the sea.

Along with the permanent housing units, Mr Lugudor noted that the contractor has started extending water and electricity to the site, adding that the casting of 1000 blocks per day will also start this week.

City engineer Kingsley Oduro said his team carried out the feasibility studies on the island and advised the contractor on what to do due to the nature of the soil.

“We have done the feasibility studies very well and we know the type of soil on the site, so it is advisable for the contractor to lay the right foundation so as not to affect the installations when completed,” said Mr. Oduro.

The 15-unit apartment is sponsored by the Ghana Gas Company, the MCE has called on other public and private entities to support by building more for the victims.

Residents are happy to hear the news of a temporary solution, but have urged the government to consider building a sea defense wall to prevent the sea from destroying communities.

Between July last year and March this year, more than 4,000 residents were displaced by the waves in Keta, Anloga and Ketu Sud.


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