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Notice of Public Information Meeting Regarding the Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00793A Route 15 Northbound Over the Quinnipiac River in the Town of Wallingford

The Department of Transportation (Department) will hold a public information meeting regarding the Northbound Bridge No. 00793A Route 15 Rehabilitation Project over the Quinnipiac River in the City of Wallingford on Thursday, May 12, 2022. The official presentation will begin at 7:00 a.m. pm Refer to the project webpage for details:

The Department of Transportation (the Department) will hold a public information meeting regarding the rehabilitation project for Bridge No. 00793A, Route 15 Northbound over the Quinnipiac River in the Town of Wallingford on Thursday, May 12.and2022. The official presentation will start at 7:00 p.m.

The project is identified as State Project No. 0148-0213.

The aim of the project is to rehabilitate the existing bridge. Built in 1946, the existing structure is composed of two simply supported spans with a reinforced concrete deck supported by 5 rolled steel beams resting on reinforced concrete abutments and a reinforced concrete pier wall. The existing substructure is founded on wooden piles. The existing structure has a maximum span of 51 feet and a curb-to-curb width of 31 feet and an asphalt concrete pavement with a woven glass fabric waterproofing membrane. The length of the existing structure is 107 feet. The average daily traffic (ADT) is approximately 29,600 vehicles per day (2020). The RB 350 metal truss rail extends from the approaches onto the deck to protect a non-MASH open deck rail.

The most recent routine inspection report gave the deck and bearings a rating of “4”, indicating that the structure is in poor condition. The existing superstructure is currently classified as “6”. The deterioration of the concrete deck shows deep spalling with exposed rusted rebar and loss of section. Bearings show moderate to heavy rust and appear frozen. The substructure is denoted “7”. Due to the extent of the deterioration of the existing bridge, project 0148-0213 was initiated to rehabilitate the bridge.

The project is currently in the pre-project phase. As the bridge has already been patched as part of a rehabilitation project and due to the extent of the deterioration of the bridge, a replacement of the superstructure is planned. The currently proposed method of construction is to demolish the existing bridge superstructure and replace the bridge with PBUs. Based on the current condition of the substructure and the fact that the substructure is pile-based, the existing substructure should remain and be repaired as needed. On the bridge, an existing historic open bridge rail sits at both ends of the bridge. A Ministry MASH compliant open track system will be installed for the end state. The new rail would satisfy the contextual design stipulation which would benefit the whole of Wilbur Cross. During a 200-year storm, up to 24.7 feet of scour can occur, which would expose the timber piles and destabilize the entire structure. The proposed scour countermeasure consists of excavating the existing watercourse bed and placing a rockfill cover under bridges Nos. 00793A and 00793B from one abutment face to the other. Riprap will contain streambed material and be dressed with 1 foot of streambed material in the final condition.

There are ROW impacts associated with the proposed improvements. Temporary construction easements are required for the work. For contractor use of project site access, an existing dirt road east of bridge #00793A will be used. From the North Plains Highway on the United Concrete property, the contractor will enter through the south entrance to the lot. From the entrance, a temporary construction easement 20 feet wide will be required to access the access road. The access road within the United Concrete property will enter the City of Wallingford property (Lakeside Park) to the project site.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2024 depending on the availability of funding, acquisition of rights of way and permit approval. The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $6.5 million. This project should be undertaken with 80% federal funds and 20% state funds.

The public information meeting is organized to give the public and the local community an opportunity to comment or ask questions regarding the proposed project. Individuals with limited Internet access may request that project information be emailed to them by contacting Nicholas J. Martin by email at [email protected] or by phone at office (860) 594- 3609 / Telecommuting (774) 451-3342. (Allow a week for processing and delivery.)

People with limited internet access can listen to the meeting by calling (888) 566-5916 and entering the participant code when prompted: 9977843. People with hearing and/or speech impairments can dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). The MS Teams live event offers closed captions for the hearing impaired and non-English translation options. A recording of the official presentation will be posted on YouTube after the event and closed captioning (including non-English translation options) will be available at that time. The recording will also be available in the DOT’s virtual town hall listing here:

Visit the project webpage for options for Apple users. During the Q&A session and the 14-day comment period following the meeting, individuals may leave a question or comment by email (preferred) to [email protected] People can also leave a question or comment on voicemail by calling (860) 944-1111. Please mention the project in your voicemail.

Language assistance may be requested by contacting the Department’s Language Assistance Hotline (860) 594-2109. Requests must be made at least 5 working days before the meeting. Language assistance is provided free of charge to the public and efforts will be made to respond to requests for assistance in a timely manner

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