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By Christina Lee Knauss

A company dedicated to making bags and other products from recycled plastics today opened a new sustainable manufacturing facility in Chapin.

Global Strategies Holding Corp., based in Burlington, Mass., held the grand opening of its new facility at 300 East Boundary St.

The facility will produce the company’s best-known product, the Demo Bag, a fully recyclable contractor bag capable of carrying up to 10 times the amount of waste a typical trash bag can hold for the same price. or less. The demo bag and other products that will be made at the company‘s Chapin site are made from the conversion of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics, most commonly found in plastic water bottles , made of a durable woven material.

The new factory is expected to create 70 jobs to start with, with the aim of creating a total of 100 next year.

Global Strategies’ beginnings date back to 2003 when founder Bruce Williams, a 25-year veteran in the construction industry, was renovating an old house in Boston. He realized he couldn’t carry more than one or two bricks in regular trash bags because they would tear, so he used a woven burlap bag to carry the debris instead. . The experience gave Williams the idea to create heavy-duty contractor trash bags that were as strong as burlap, but also resistant to the elements.

He tried many materials and techniques before discovering that strands of polypropylene woven tightly together could create an almost indestructible bag. The idea quickly caught on and became the demo bag, now available in the United States as well as several foreign countries. The bags are sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other construction-related retailers.

Global Strategies executives said they chose Chapin for the new plant because of its quality of life and proximity to the Port of Charleston.


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