Omegaflex Announces Organizational Changes | Service provider


As part of the company’s efforts to implement best practices in organizational development and succession management, Omega Flex assessed the short- and long-term future needs for its business success at senior levels. organisation. The Board of Directors has approved the following organizational changes, which are effective immediately.

Dean Rivest is promoted to President of Omega Flex, Inc., reporting to Mark Albino. Rivest will work closely to ensure the transition and take on the day-to-day responsibilities of President. Albino will continue in his other full-time role as chief operating officer. This segregation of duties at the highest management level of the organization allows Omega Flex to focus on the most critical near-term needs currently challenging the business while positioning the company for continued success in achieving its long-term goals.

Ed Moran is promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales for Omega Flex, Inc. Ed will report to Dean Rivest and is responsible for our residential and commercial markets for the Flexible Gas Pipe division. Business Development and Commercial Sales, and Industrial Sales including Double Trac, and Industrial Customer Service will report to Ed.

Matt Unger is promoted to vice president of finance and chief financial officer, reporting to Dean Rivest.


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