Oklahoma Trucking Company seeks to seal public prosecution documents after slain contractor explodes


A Minco company is seeking to hide court documents from public view as it denies wrongdoing during a September 8, 2021 construction site explosion that killed Joey Bonds, a contract welder and father of five.

Kristin Bonds, Joey’s wife, said she still thinks of him every day.

“My house still looks like it never left,” Kristin said. “His fishing rods are still in the dining room. Her clothes are still hanging in the closet. His dog is still looking for him.

“That day, I lost everything in 2.5 seconds. I lost my wife, I lost my best friend, I lost my fairy tale,” she said.

At the time of the explosion, Joey Bonds was working on a leak in a trailer belonging to Firestone Trucking Inc. at the company‘s job site in Minco. Bonds, a contractor, was killed instantly after the explosion. The father of five children was 40 years old.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the company for two “serious” infractions, including failing to inform a contractor of fire hazards found in equipment being worked on. repair.

Bonds was hired to fix a leak in a trailer, according to the report. The day before the repair, the trailer was carrying 150 gallons of “oil/gas production water”, which is flammable. The company admitted to not cleaning the trailer before asking Bonds to fix it, according to the OSHA report.

Bonds’ lawsuit, filed in Grady County District Court, goes even further. She claims the company “deliberately failed to warn Bonds” of the flammable materials in the trailer.

Firestone Trucking denies any wrongdoing, according to attorney Joshua Poovey.

“Our client, Firestone Trucking, sympathizes with the Bonds family and mourns their loss in this tragic accident. Firestone denies the allegations against her. We will not be commenting further at this time due to ongoing litigation,” Poovey said in an email to News 9.

In its response to the lawsuit, Firestone Trucking suggested that Bonds should have been able to notice the flammable material in the truck.

“The condition was open and obvious to Joey Bonds,” the company wrote.

Firestone and its insurer, Zurich American Insurance Company, asked the court to seal several documents, including Kristin Bonds’ petition and details of the OSHA report. The documents could influence potential jurors “in ways not condoned by Oklahoma.”

Paul Kolker, an attorney for Kristin, opposed the companies’ motion to seal. He said the OSHA report and other documents are publicly available and show “the truth.”

“These are things that are publicly available, but for some reason this company didn’t want them on the record,” Kolker said.

The sealing motion will be argued before a Grady County judge in December.

More than anything, Kristin said she wanted to prevent another tragedy at a construction site.

“This needs to be fixed so no one else has to go through the same pain as me and my children,” Kristin said. “I mean we wake up every morning and the biggest person that was in our house is not there.”


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