New Milford High School fire cleanup moves forward with restoration company Belfor


The cleanup effort following a July 5 fire at New Milford High School is in full swing.

New Milford Mayor Pete Bass posted an update on his Facebook page on Saturday regarding the cleanup by disaster recovery company Belfor.

“The entrepreneur (Belfor) continues to work in high school,” Bass said. “They have completed the installation of rigid barriers in the 1400 and 1500 wings of the school, including painting the barrier walls.

“Our moving company has finished removing student desks from the cafeteria and loading them onto trailers. A semi-trailer load was removed today and placed in off-site storage. A total of 1,532 student desks were removed. This represents all student offices on the third and second floors. »

Belfor removed the old filters and installed the MERV carbon and pleated filters in the fans that run the 1400 and 1500 wings. They also completed moving the cleaned student desks, lab stools and other hard furniture without interior storage on the third and second floors, except for the computer lab, towards the cafeteria. The computer lab will be complete once the computers are removed.

“They’ve been pretty much non-stop really since the night of the fire,” Bass said in a recent News-Times article. “Some of the things they did, first and foremost, was to make sure the summer school was up and running.”

Belfor has also started cleaning student desks and other furniture without interior storage in first-floor classrooms and adjoining rooms. They continue to detach overhead lighting, floodlights, exit signs, and loudspeakers on the third and second floors.


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