NemaLife and UC Davis enter into a research partnership to test the therapeutic potential of several new psychoplastogens developed in the laboratory of David E. Olson


NemaLife Inc., a DEA-registered, innovation-focused biotech company, has partnered with the research group led by Professor David E. Olson of the University of California, Davis to characterize the in vivo effects of several of their new psychoplastogens.

NemaLife will evaluate the efficacy of these compounds using its high throughput C.elegans-based live screening platform. This high-throughput platform will allow the Olson lab to rapidly examine the vast psychoplastogenic chemical space in the search for new neurotherapies.

“I am excited to work with the NemaLife Inc. team because many of the signaling pathways conserved in C.elegans are relevant for the discovery of new neurotherapies. These organisms complement existing rodent models and offer an alternative approach to rapidly assess the in vivo potency and efficacy of new compounds from my laboratory. Our partnership will help us better understand the complex chemical and pharmacological space occupied by psychoplastogens. said Professor David E. Olson, associate professor at UC Davis and co-founder and chief innovation officer of Delix Therapeutics, a Boston-based neuroscience company.

“We are grateful to Professor Olson and his UC Davis lab for recognizing the value of NemaLife’s AI-assisted microfluidic screening platform to explore the live effects of their new psychoplastogens. We are excited about the scientific findings, the lasting partnership and the opportunity to contribute to their group’s groundbreaking approach to using non-hallucinogenic analogues of psychedelics to treat different brain diseases, such as depression, anxiety disorders and addiction. . said Siva Vanapalli, CEO of NemaLife Inc.

NemaLife is a techbio platform company developing AI and microfluidics-based solutions for various industries to reduce the costs and carbon footprint associated with screening. Its patented, low-cost whole-organism tests help reduce risk and accelerate product development by providing actionable data that reduces the use of mammals in preclinical testing. NemaLife’s technology is designed with scalability and versatility in mind, helping innovative companies and academic labs accelerate their R&D and scientific discovery, with the goal of improving the quality of human life on a healthy planet.

Professor David E. Olson, Ph.D., is a chemist and neuroscientist, trained at Stanford, MIT and Harvard. His research group at the University of California, Davis found that psychoplastogens promote structural and functional neuroplasticity in the cortex. His laboratory synthesizes and studies this new class of substances using molecular neurobiology and behavioral neuropharmacology to better understand the mechanisms underlying their effects on the nervous system and to develop the next generation of neurotherapies.


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