Mendi Airport redevelopment nears completion


The construction of the new terminal and other related works continues with a physical progress of 54%.

The National Airports Corporation would like to thank the Government of Papua New Guinea, the Asian Development Bank and other stakeholders for their continued support in the implementation of the Mendi Airport Modernization Project and other projects. of high-impact airport infrastructure.

The NAC said the government and the Asian Development Bank had funded the Mendi airport upgrade project.

The renovation of Mendi Airport is part of a series of high-impact airport infrastructure projects launched since 2009 through the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP) which is funded by the Asian Development Bank Multi-tranche Financing Facility (MFF) with matching funding from the Government of PNG.

The contractor, Sinohydro Corporation Limited, is currently carrying out works which include laying of underground services for electrical, hydraulic and plumbing works, construction and pouring of concrete on floor slabs and walkways, construction of external and internal reinforced concrete blocks and site works. for parking and driveway access.

Work on the aircraft pavement was completed in February 2022 and the contractor has corrected several compliance issues on the runway in accordance with PNG CASA, as well as International Civil Aviation Organization standards before that the track can be put into service.

Other works carried out on the land include the installation of an airport security fence and the construction of an H65 standard house and an office for the airport security officer.


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