Maricopa County Supervisors Approve Three Development Items


PHOENIX — In addition to making a major decision on a water issue at Wednesday’s regular meeting, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a few development items.

In approving its planning and zoning consent program, council approved a final pad for 51 homes at 56th Street and Lone Mountain Road, a military compatibility permit for a concrete company, and a permit amendment for the expansion of a Tonopah water treatment plant.

The Lone Mountain reservations were originally called 56th & Lone Mountain. It is an eight sector development, R1-18 RUPD, with 51 residential lots.

The platform is about a quarter mile southeast of the southeast corner of East Lone Mountain Road and 56th Street. The unincorporated land is near an area of ​​Phoenix between Cave Creek and Scottsdale roads, north of the 101 loop.

There were no objections to the final dish request raised by the agencies involved.

Wastewater services for this subdivision include an approved agreement between the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix for offsite sewer upgrades and treatment services.

Arrow Concrete has obtained a military compatibility permit with a development plan. The company wants a contractors yard for the storage of construction materials, equipment and the on-site storage and delivery of granular materials in the Rural-43 zoning district.

The 2.1 acre property is located near the northeast corner of Sarival Avenue and Ocotillo Road. It’s on a county island in the town of Glendale.

Glendale’s municipal plan designates the property as “Luke compatible” because it is near Luke Air Force Base.

At its August 4 meeting, the Maricopa County Planning and Zoning Commission voted 9 to 0 to recommend approval of the permit application.

Buckeye Ranch is a water treatment facility on approximately 2.1 acres near the southwest corner of Buckeye Road and 355th Avenue in the Tonopah area. It’s about 8 miles northeast of the Palo Verde nuclear plant. It is operated by Global Water-Greater Tonopah Water Co.

A request for a major modification of a special use permit has been granted. This will allow the plant to be expanded into a Rural-43 zoning district. This application also received a 9-0 recommendation for approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The 23-page amendment has a long list of conditions, including a retention basin with a maximum side slope of 4:1. Access to Papago Street must be paved and will require a permit from the Maricopa County Department of Transportation.

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