Man’s motorcycle stolen from business: Avon Lake police blotter



Theft: Lear Road

A man reported his motorcycle stolen on July 27. The motorcycle had been broken down for about a week and was parked at a company. The business owner said he was abducted on July 25 by two men and believed one of them was the owner.

Criminal damage: Moorewood Avenue

A resident said he was involved in a traffic altercation that damaged the windshield and hood of his car on July 24.

Road Complaint: Miller Road

On July 27, a Norfolk and Southern train blocked Miller Road for over two hours. The company was accused of obstructing roads by the railroads.

Criminal damage: boulevard Belmar

On July 28, a resident reported that his car had been damaged.

OVI: lake path

On July 29, police arrested a driver who had hit a traffic sign. The driver was cited for driving under the influence and arrested.

Property damage: Electrical Boulevard

A woman reported that her car window was smashed while driving near Blesser Park on August 2.

Theft: Walker Road

On July 14, a woman reported that her car was broken into and her purse stolen while parked outside Burn Boot Camp.

Drunk driving: Redwood Boulevard

On July 16, an officer arrested a driver for speeding and a traffic violation. The driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving.

Flight: Beachdale Drive

A man reported on July 18 that he paid a contractor to do work on his home and never received the services. The police tried to contact the contractor to no avail.

Suspicious Activity: Lear Road

On July 20, a resident reported that his car had been taken away and suspected his son or his son’s friend. The Complainant will ask his neighbor to review his security camera to see if it has captured anyone in his yard or driveway.

Assault: Lake Road

A man said he was assaulted on July 20.

OVI: Walker Road

On July 21, a woman reported that an erratic driver nearly hit her car as it turned onto Walker Road from Parkside Drive. The vehicle was reportedly all over the road, almost hitting other vehicles. The vehicle was stopped after entering the Speedway parking lot. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and driving under an OVI suspension.

Stolen Vehicle: Jaycox Road

On July 22, a man reported that his car was stolen from the driveway.


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