Livingston parish belongings flooded, destroyed after construction crew mistake


ALBANY, La. (WAFB) – A Livingston Parish woman says her business is all but ruined after a mistake made by a construction crew hired by Entergy.

“This could be the end of a historic 1943 building from the beginning of Albany,” Serena Bel said.

Serena Bel is the owner of Lu Lu’s Groom & Board, a pet grooming service in the heart of Albany.

On Wednesday, April 13, she said an independent contractor hired by Entergy had started drilling under her shop to install underground utilities for a nearby business.

Around 4 p.m., Bel said something was wrong.

“It was a very loud creak, like a door had slammed shut,” Bel said. “It looked like the San Andreas Rift was right in the middle of my business.”

She said the construction crew was dumping industrial mud underground when the pressure forced her company‘s foundation to crack and open, causing the mud to surge.

“In 2016, for the August flood we had here, we had three feet of standing water. It was worse,” Bel said.

After more than 12 years of renting the building, Bel was forced to return its keys, cut utilities and close.

Moments after our interview with Bel, Entergy reached out and said they would help start the claims process.

“When that noise happened, you knew it was the end of the location,” Bel said.

Bel plans to rebound in a new location, but it will take time.

“Mistakes happen all the time, and I’m not mad at one individual, but I’m just mad in general for the fight I have in front of me,” Bel said. “We will come back. We will come back from this.

Bel said an inspector was due to check the building on Monday, April 15, but she predicts it could be a total loss.

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