‘It’s my land, stop the work’ – Ms Pereira, 70, clashes with police and contractor


“This is my land, stop the work” – Mrs. VIOLET PEREIRA, 70, from Mannagudda in the city, confronts the police and the contractor who is carrying out road works in the Mannagudda district within the boundaries of the Mangaluru City Corporation

Mangaluru: According to Barke Police, a 70-year-old Mrs. Violet Pereira created a row and prevented the contractor from undertaking road works in the Mannagudda area within the boundaries of the Mangaluru City Corporation on Tuesday. According to MCC Corporal Sandhya Mohan Acharya, “The woman attempted to prevent a contractor from undertaking concrete work for a ramp to connect the main road to that of a minor lane near Mannagudda Gurji.

The path leading to the lane was a foot below the main road. To facilitate the movement of vehicles inside the lane, the authorities decided to build the concrete ramp. At the beginning of the work, the woman, a resident of the alley, prevented them from proceeding with the concreting of the ramp and claimed that the land belonged to her.

Ms Acharya further said: ‘She was initially sitting on a chair by the track but when she saw the ready-mixed concrete lorry coming she slept on the road. She had raised an objection about two weeks ago when officials visited the area. He was asked to produce documents. While other houses in the area produced documents, she reportedly did not. Expecting tensions in the area, those responsible for the work had warned the police before resuming work.

According to the police, the woman and her daughter had raised objections to the work in progress. Ms Pereira reportedly protested for almost an hour and a female police team made several attempts to convince her. She refused to listen. An ambulance was called and later she was transferred to Wenlock District Hospital for a medical and then discharged. When attempts were made to pull her away from the road, she allegedly bit the hand of a female police officer.

The old woman was detained and then released. The central ACP PA Hegde sub-division went to the scene for further investigation.


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