Indore smart city limited plans to develop more She-Kunjs


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The Indore Smart City Limited has so far only developed nine She-Kunjs in the city and plans to develop more. Nevertheless, last year a target was set in February: within a year, 25 She-Kunjs would be open in the city. Due to problems with locating and paying the contractor, the plan was not realized.

Smart City officials said there was a problem with the contractor‘s payment as, due to the lockdown, their income was not significant. But, now the payment process has started and the contractor company pays a certain amount to Smart City. The project is entirely on the PPP model through which the entrepreneur’s business can earn She-Kunjs through advertisements and a store assigned to them. Of the revenue they generate from these places, they will donate a portion to Smart City.

Another problem, Smart City officials said, was that they were not getting suitable locations to start She-Kunjs for which surveys are being conducted so those locations can be chosen. Officials said that in the coming days the city will receive more She-Kunjs.

“We will install She-Kunjs in every place that needs them. The She-Kunjs are functioning very well at present and facilities are being provided for women and good hygiene is being maintained,” Smart City officials said.

Plans for She-Kunj

The project is initially planned on 25 squares in the city. Nine She-Kunjs have been developed and 20 more will be in the next few months. Each will be developed over an area of ​​400 sq.ft. They were developed using the PPP method. According to reports, no less than 375 pink toilets or She-Kunjs will be manufactured in the next 15 years. Of all the pink toilets, the Smart City will earn an income of Rs 5.87 crore every year

Steps to win

Smart City will earn up to Rs 32.5 lakh every year. The entrepreneur, who will develop the She-Kunj, will maintain it for 15 years and earn revenue from it. According to Smart City officials, the entrepreneur will earn through billboards placed above each She-Kunj. They will also set up small stalls near the toilets where needed items can be sold. Smart City will earn She-Kunjs through the contractor who will pay them at the rate of Rs 348 per square foot each month

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Posted: Monday May 23rd 2022, 00:33 IST


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