How to promote your services as a home entrepreneur during the pandemic


When we talk about building and renovating homes, it immediately conjures up images of home builders. Home-based entrepreneurs have areas of expertise, from electrical work to carpentry and roofing service. But for the most part, they specialize in building and renovating homes.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, home renovation projects jumped up. Many households have either done DIY home improvement projects or hired building contractors to do the work for them. As such, it is best for construction contractors to be aggressive in their marketing strategies. In this way, they can get more customers and increase their profits during this pandemic.

With that said, here are some digital marketing tips for you as a home-based entrepreneur:

1. Promote your services through your updated website

If you are looking to promote your services as a building contractor, your website is the first place to start. However, update it now to improve its aesthetics and functionality and improve its user experience (UX).

Whenever possible, your business website should have a well-structured user interface (UI), streamlined elements, enough white space, easy navigation, fast loading time, and relevant content. This way, repeat and potential customers will love exploring your website and seeing what you have to offer.

Once updated, you can now promote your services through the following:

  • Introduce yourself as a home-based entrepreneur through your About Us page.
  • Display your portfolio showcasing your past work from former clients.
  • Get customer testimonials and post them on your webpage.

2. Boost your web presence with SEO

Having an updated website is not enough. What good is a visually appealing, highly functional website if your customers and prospects can’t find it online? It’s there that search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture as a way to increase your visibility online.

The SEO process involves optimizing your website, producing content that incorporates keywords, and implementing off-page strategies. When done correctly, expect your web pages to appear on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) right in front of your prospects’ eyes.

Plus, don’t forget to optimize your website for local SEO. It is better to list or update your Google My business by providing the name, address and contact details of your company (NAP). This way your webpage will appear first on the SERP if your potential local customers are looking for services that you can offer.

3. Increase your website traffic with a PPC campaign

Besides SEO, there is another way to increase your visibility online: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Your PPC campaign can also dramatically increase your website traffic.

A PPC Campaign is an advertising model that allows you to display your ads on SERP. However, you have to pay for each successful click. This particular click can drive a user to your webpage, thus increasing your website traffic.

For example, you can create PPC ads on your basement finishing and renovation service. Your ads are displayed on SERP for the promotion of the service. They will appear immediately when potential clients search for basement remodeling services. And that can drive those leads to your business website.

4. Send personalized emails promoting your services

Another way to promote your services as a home entrepreneur is to send promotional emails. However, two key players are involved: repeat customers and potential customers.

As for your regular customers, you already have their emails. As such, you can always keep them up to date with your services. You can also go so far as to offer them service discounts and exclusive offers. On the other hand, you need to do some research to collect emails from potential customers. From there, you can send them promotional emails.

When it comes to email marketing, customization This is the key. For the most part, people mark promotional emails as spam. But if they see your personalized emails, they’ll probably be interested. Who knows? They might end up hiring your services.

5. Stay active on social media for customer engagement

There is no denying the use of social media to market your home outsourcing services. As you may know, social media is powerful in our time. Not only do people use these channels for personal interactions, but they also use them for business. This is where social media marketing enters the scene.

As a home-based entrepreneur, you can build social media pages on various channels like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. On the one hand, you can use Facebook advertising to target your ads to potential customers. Also, you can post renovation images of your work on Instagram. Finally, social media apps allow you to interact with and do business with your customers.

At this point, you now know how to promote your services as a home entrepreneur during this pandemic. Consider the digital marketing tips recommended above, from updating your website to being active on social media. By doing this, you will be able to get more and more customers. Ultimately, you will be able to increase your business profits in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis!


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