FedEx Ground contractor group disbands, slams calls for work stoppages


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An organization aimed at giving a collective voice to FedEx Ground contractors disbanded on Friday, just months after it was launched as a central part of ousted delivery entrepreneur Spencer Patton’s campaign for change in the United States. company.

All officers and committee members of the Trade Association for Logistics Professionals have resigned effective Friday, “thus bringing the organization to an end.” according to an update on its website. He also noted that Patton had previously resigned on October 25.

“Committee members nominated themselves to join this group with a clear and shared goal: to better promote effective dialogue with FedEx Ground,” according to the update. “After extensive discussions and research, it is clear that this committee, as structured, is not the appropriate vehicle to achieve this goal and that better options exist.”

patton announced the launch of TALP in Augustfor the purpose of helping contractors raise concerns, request changes, and “participate in legal challenges against FedEx Ground” if necessary.

Ground has pushed back on efforts to collectively bargain financial terms, with chairman and chief executive John Smith warning contractors in a memo that such action would be breach of contract. The company has approximately 6,000 contractors who perform pick-up, delivery and line transport services.

weeks later CAPE launched, on the ground terminated its agreements with Patton as he continued his outspoken campaign to change the way the company compensates and supports its contractors.

In the update announcing its dissolution, CAPE denounced “any calls for a work stoppage that may have been associated with this organization or any individual member associated with this organization”. Prior to his ousting as a ground contractor, Patton had warned that his company stop operating delivery routes effective Nov. 25, unless the company offers more favorable terms to its current deal.

TALP’s message says the group remains optimistic about Ground’s long-term potential, noting that company management recently held a series of meetings with contractors.

“We are encouraged by these meetings and encourage all entrepreneurs to actively and constructively engage in these discussions,” the update said. “The success of FedEx Ground and contractors depends on engaging in good faith dialogue to unlock the entrepreneurial potential inherent in our business model.”

Patton did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. FedEx Ground declined to comment.


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