Exploration: Entrepreneur loyalty report 2022


The B2B loyalty landscape has changed dramatically over the past five years, especially among small businesses. Nowhere has this change been more pronounced than in the construction and contractor industries, where hundreds of thousands of smallholders spend millions of dollars to purchase the materials, supplies, equipment and services needed to the performance of their work. Who they buy from and how they buy is complex. The historical patterns once dominated by visits to wholesalers and distributors, although still important, no longer drive the bulk of purchases. Loyalty and reward marketing programs evolve as the landscape changes. COVID-19 accelerated a change that was already happening.

To find out more, The Wise Marketer surveyed an established, geographically and demographically diverse B2B panel and analyzed the results on behalf of Reward Paths to study the participation and response of U.S. entrepreneurs to loyalty marketing programs. .

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Exploration: Entrepreneur loyalty report 2022


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