Exhibition stands from recycled energy chains!


The ‘chainge’ program has officially started in the UK. Our energy chains are now recycled in a circular fashion, which allows us to reuse them in our own innovation displays.

Image Credit: igus

In conjunction with our recycling partner, MyGroup in Hull, old energy chains were remanufactured into Storm Boards – versatile structural panels made from recycled plastic.

Storm panels are used in a variety of applications; from furniture and shop fittings to replacing wood in various constructions. Seeing the potential, we decided to reduce our carbon footprint and use them in our displays. These displays are available free of charge to all our customers! They are delivered to the customer, fully supplied with a range of specially adapted igus® products.

In the past, panels and shelves were made from energy-hungry aluminum, but now we’re replacing them with our Storm Board panels, which contain the recycled energy chains.

Exhibition stands from recycled energy sectors!

Video credit: igus UK Ltd / YouTube.com

To learn more visit the website https://www.igus.co.uk/info/echain-recycling-program


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