Energy service companies target Canadian projects


Three major energy service companies and the Haisla First Nation have formed a partnership to target opportunities in Canada’s growing LNG industry. Kitamaat Technical Services Group (KTSG) was created by ServcoCanada, Novus Technical Services and Well Services Group (WSG) to bring their combined expertise to emerging LNG projects in British Columbia.

A central tenet of KTSG is to work closely with the Kitimat community and in particular the Haisla Nation, who have occupied lands centered around the village of Kitamaat for over 9,000 years. KTSG is already supporting the Haisla Nation’s economic infrastructure by providing training for potential LNG supply chain jobs, and will help start-up companies directly related to the services required for contracts won by the partnership.

The goal is to be the leading energy services organization in British Columbia, with strong international LNG experience, backed by a C$1 billion balance sheet to undertake significant contracting opportunities that directly benefit the economy of northwest British Columbia, local First Nations and the wider community.

WSG is an industrial process, pipeline and services specialist, and the leading provider of LNG refining and terminal services in the UK and Europe, with extensive experience in the Australian LNG market.

ServcoCanada is already a well-established company based in Kitimat with a 30-year pedigree in providing electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, piping, shutdown and maintenance services to structures and facilities in Canada and in the United States.

Novus is a global energy and infrastructure provider employing more than 10,000 people in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and China, working for some of the world’s largest operators.

KTSG is actively bidding for a range of pre-commissioning, commissioning and operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts on the LNG Canada (LNGC) project which is under construction in Kitimat and when completed will receive , will process, liquefy and export an estimated 14 million tpy of LNG.

John Gordon, spokesperson for KTSG and President and CEO of ServcoCanada, said, “The LNGC project will transform Canada’s power generation capabilities and be a major contributor to the local and national economy. We are convinced that the combined resources, expertise and successes of KTSG’s three partner companies can play an important role in the success of this ambitious development. From the outset, we understood the importance of working with the Haisla Nation, and that creating employment opportunities and supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs who could play a role in the supply chain was just as important as financial benefits that may result. We are delighted that the Haisla Nation is a partner and shareholder of KTSG, and we look forward to learning from their vast local knowledge and working together to create long-term sustainable opportunities for their people.

Working closely with the Haisla Nation, KTSG believes the partnership provides valuable economic benefits and career opportunities to Indigenous peoples around Kitimat while respecting the environment and traditional values.

John Gordon added, “KTSG recognizes that forming this partnership with the Haisla Nation is the best way to play a meaningful and lasting role in the development of BC’s LNG sector. By working together, we can fully engage in the many opportunities the LNGC project has to offer, while improving skill sets and creating life-changing career prospects for the Haisla. The collective global energy sector track record of KTSG’s partners can add great value to the LNG supply chain, and we can leverage that experience to bring lasting benefits to the Haisla Nation economy and to future generations.

The combined resources of KTSG’s component partners span more than 20 countries, include more than 115 facilities, employ 600 Canadian employees (to date), 12,000 global employees, and have revenues of over C$1 billion.

John Gordon added, “Collectively, the KTSG partners have experience from 20 major LNG projects spread across global energy centers, and our deep experience provides unparalleled knowledge of liquefaction assets, technical innovation and solutions. ready to use. With a large locally trained workforce, extensive LNG site experience and a demonstrable track record in pre-commissioning, commissioning, operation and maintenance and overhauls of similar LNG facilities , we hope to play a central role in the realization of LNGC’s Kitimat project.

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