Energy advisor: the public service doubles certain discounts


Clark Public Utilities wants to help you make this the last winter to fight to keep the cold from entering your home.

For a limited time, we’ve doubled discounts on insulation and window renovations for customers whose homes are electrically heated. Act quickly to make sure you can secure yours.

“Many of us in the utility are homeowners ourselves, so we know firsthand how expensive home improvement projects can be,” said DuWayne Dunham, energy services supervisor at Clark Public Utilities. “We have doubled our incentives for insulation and windows to make home comfort and energy efficiency more accessible to everyone. “

Under the new incentive structure, insulation discounts doubled to 40 cents, 50 cents and $ 1.20 per square foot for attic, floor and wall insulation, respectively. Window replacements also doubled to $ 6 per square foot for double-glazed windows and $ 8 per square foot for triple-glazed windows. Incentives for sealing conduits and sealing residential envelopes have also increased. Door replacement discounts are still available but remain unchanged.

A typical household spends about half of its utilities budget on heating and cooling; but residents of homes built before 1990, when the state began raising efficiency standards in the residential building code, can spend even more. Unless they’ve been renovated, older homes have less (sometimes much less) insulation and a lot more air leakage than their modern counterparts. Thus, people living in older homes will benefit the most from weatherization measures.

“Older homes can see significant improvements in savings and personal comfort after completing a few weatherization projects,” Dunham said. “Of all, adding more insulation is one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting home improvements a person can make. “

To put the new insulation incentive into perspective, customers can now expect around 10-20% of their project costs to be covered, compared to 10% or less with the initial incentives. So if an attic job costs $ 2,000, homeowners can now receive an incentive of around $ 400.

Homeowners must meet certain conditions to be eligible. Pre-existing insulation levels and window type can affect a customer’s ability to qualify. In addition to the electric heating of the house, all work must be carried out by a contractor participating in the network of public service contractors.

The network is not an endorsement, guarantee or guarantee of any kind for a company. Instead, it is a list of contractors that the utility verifies that they are familiar with the latest utility rebates and incentive programs; maintain all necessary licenses, bonds, insurance and professional certifications; and is assured of consistently meeting the high standards of public service customer service. When the time comes to submit the incentive documents, the contractor will fill out the forms and all the client has to do is sign on the bottom line.

Visit our website, to learn more about all of our incentive programs, the contractor network, and even use an energy calculator to see how much you can save.

Plus, if you want to find other ways to reduce drafts in your home and use less electricity, Clark Public Utilities’ Energy Advisor of the Day can help. Call them at 360-992-3355 during business hours Monday through Friday. They can tell you about all the utility incentives and suggest potential cost-effective solutions that will make your home more comfortable and affordable all year round.

Energy Adviser is written by Clark Public Utilities. Send questions to [email protected] or Energy Adviser, c / o Clark Public Utilities, PO Box 8900, Vancouver, WA 98668.


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