Crews repair a large hole on Jones Street on Tybee Island


TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) – Tybee Island crews carried out emergency repairs to a section of Jones Avenue after the city said a manhole had eroded and collapsed, leaving a huge hole.

A section of Jones Avenue just around the corner from the BP gas station is closed. There is a sinkhole that spans the width of the two-lane road and the city said this is the second time it has happened in the same location.

Tybee City Manager Shawn Gillen said the manhole there connects different sewer lines throughout the city. He says these sewer lines are constantly monitored by cameras.

He says the area has been damaged by water and erosion, which happens because the island is built on sand. He says they were close to completion with previous erosion repairs when further damage occurred and the manhole collapsed further.

He then broke a water pipe, causing the hole to grow even larger. Gillen says crews have made extensive repairs so far, so the gas station parking lot is unaffected. Jones Avenue is a golf cart route so there is a detour that has been set up for them.

Other drivers can access Jones from 2nd Street. Right now there is metal holding the sides of the chasm together. Gillen says a new concrete manhole will be installed and it’s a slow process.

“They have to move around and pump the water because the water table is so high, and they have to go around the sewer lines which are not connected at the moment. They’re going to bring the manhole down in there, they’re going to put everything back in place, and then they’re going to put everything back in place with a method that hopefully won’t see that sinkhole forming in the same area again,” said said Gillen. .

The contractor who works here with Savannah River Utilities said that before they leave here they will make sure everything is done correctly.

He says it’s not a rush project, so they appreciate the community’s patience. They hope to do so in the next few days.

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