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Target audience

Our target audience includes plumbing, hydronic and mechanical systems professionals. These include business owners/operators, administrators, technicians and system designers working in residential or commercial space (including new construction, maintenance/maintenance, renovation/refit ) as well as those who perform industrial, institutional and municipal work.


The following articles are of particular interest: (1) describing problems encountered and how they were resolved, (2) showing an unusual installation or application, and (3) showing labor and cost saving methods or designs. While the article may discuss particular brands of tools, equipment, or even software, the focus should remain on the contractor, their business, and the work they do.

general considerations

  • Keep the AP style.
  • Avoid commercial language and claims that cannot be substantiated such as “best in class”, “better than”, “unprecedented”, etc.
  • Avoid quotes that don’t add information to the story, such as “I’m glad that”
  • Digital images should be at least 770 pixels wide for best use.
  • The CONTRACTOR’s editorial staff reserves the right to modify the content for reasons of grammar and readability.
  • Contributions may be included in newsletters and published on social networks.
  • A signed contributor agreement/license is required for publication.

Content Types

Case studies: Case studies are usually between 800 and 1,500 words. They explain how an entrepreneur has successfully used a specific product, method, or technology to benefit their business, customers, and/or operations. Don’t be afraid to include challenges, obstacles, and what worked and didn’t work. Include relevant pictures and diagrams.


The Empire State Building uses artificial intelligence to improve sustainability

Radiant Deployment

Heating system passes student housing test

Best practices column: Best practice columns are byline articles typically 800 to 1,100 words that go into depth on a particular business or technical topic. If we choose to publish, we will need a photo and a brief biography (50-75 words) of the author.


9 Plumbing Technologies Everyone Wants

6 challenges facing women in construction

Should You Apply for Employee Retention Credit?

Legal Ramifications of Labor Shortage

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Consider an ESOP

Thought leadership: Typically 800-1500 words covering a pressing industry issue. What problems do we have? What are your ideas for solving them? Or write about a trend you’ve seen and how it will change or improve the industry.


Is complete electrification of the built environment the only solution?

Even small houses need the code

Regulatory challenges and opportunities in 2022

News or products: These are the traditional news or product press releases. We produce weekly online product galleries, and most of these products end up in our print edition. We post news about company anniversaries, new hires, promotions, leadership changes, community outreach programs and much more.

Weekly Product Galleries:

Sloan Valve, General Pipe Cleaners, Watts, METUS, Saniflo

ASPE Overview

Software Showcase

News analysis: Take a recent event or story and write an informed opinion about it. Provide a link to the original story.

Gallery/Slideshow: Collect 8-12 pictures that tell a story, include a short introduction (about 200 words) and a caption for each. Horizontal images at least 1000 pixels wide are optimal. Possible slideshows include tutorials (step-by-step photos), projects, restorations, and more.

white paper: We will accept traditional white papers; these may already be on your site or in your files and we would be happy to consider them.

Submit your contributions to Steve Spaulding, Managing Editor, at [email protected]

Note: Paid sponsored content is also an option. Ask about our Preferred Media Partner program which includes metrics reporting and additional content promotion.


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