Coat the Coast a major player in decking, coatings and more

A newly built deck by Coat the Coast is the finishing touch to this home. (Photos courtesy of Coat the Coast)

By Tim Kelly

It can be a dizzying array of options for consumers of building materials and services. And once a decision is made, will “your” contractor live up to expectations or even show up? Sometimes it’s best to trust experience.

In today’s residential and commercial construction boom, comfort is in experience and numbers, some customers say.

For example, Ocean City resident Asuncion Avila, owner of Coat the Coast Professional Coating, also of Ocean City, runs a family business with 15 years in business, nearly 950 satisfied customers, nearly 650 installations and 750 decks. installed.

Such numbers are earned and do not happen by accident.

Coat the Coast offers state-of-the-art polyurea deck coatings, concrete coatings, construction and installation of the decks themselves, vinyl, wood and steel railing systems, maintenance and installation and more.

“The thing with us,” says Avila, “is service, professionalism and communication. This often makes the difference.

The cliché that no job is too big or too small applies to Coat the Coast, which is also owned by Noel Olmedo.

Residential service is the bulk of its business, but applications include bridges, commercial buildings such as parking lots, factories, fuel loading and unloading facilities, etc. They perform basement waterproofing, spill containment, sewage, chemicals and many other applications.

Coat the Coast offers extensive experience in residential and commercial jobs.

An extensive portfolio of experiences gives customers peace of mind, as evidenced by the many positive reviews on social media.

“In building a new home or as an addition to an existing home, a deck is a big investment,” Avila noted. “It makes sense to protect that investment with the best coatings available.”

Polyurea is a spray-on polymer for decks and other surfaces that’s waterproof and 20 times stronger than epoxy, according to the company‘s website. The material is so flexible that it can also be used as a truck bed liner, home playground protector, and of course, Jersey Shore marine applications.

The company also does steel and wood siding, fiberglass siding, treatment of “high traffic” areas, garage floors and others. They will also design and build steel, wood, vinyl and concrete decks, as well as install or repair them.

They also do shower trays, vinyl railings – just about any job in the field.

“Not only were they the most thorough on initial inspection, they also had the best price offer,” one social media user said.

“Very impressed,” said another.

“They left me with considerable knowledge of our new bridge,” said another.

A member of the Coat the Coast team helps install the cladding on a new deck.

Polyurea deck coatings can beat conventional products, Avila said, especially in the sometimes extreme conditions of the South Jersey Shore.

“In cold or hot weather, ordinary coatings can develop cracks,” he says, which could ultimately compromise the structure of the bridge. “That will not happen with our product (polyurea).”

Contact Coat the Coast at 609-741-5033 or on their website for a free estimate. The company is bonded, insured and fully licensed for virtually all applications. Crews work every day from 7:30 a.m. to help you achieve your desired work schedule, Avila said.

In addition to Ocean City, its teams serve most communities in Atlantic Counties and Cape May.

“We go where the jobs are and we look forward to meeting new friends,” Avila said.


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