BBB scam alert: Need a new driveway? Beware of Asphalt Paving Scams


Unscrupulous entrepreneurs box create innumerable problems for the the owners unlucky sufficient at be deceived in hiring their services, above all for big, Dear projects Phone as asphalt paving. BBB Scam Tracker has received numerous reports of the owners who, after hiring a service provider at install Where renovate their curb, end at the top with unsatisfactory results Where nothing at everything.

Crooks are well versed in presenting themselves as legit companies and will be same claim at be accredited by Better Company desk at put consumers at facilitate. BBB recommended still check accreditation complaints by verification their on line Company Profile on Where contact your local BBB Desk.

In late 2021, a Texas resident reported a asphalt paving company at BBB Scam Tracker after provide the service provider $5,000 for a project at their residence. Once Payment clear, the service provider “provided services with the verbal OK they or they would have to bring a one year guarantee,” the consumer describe. “When you have problems, they or they will be not come back calls Where the texts. They too said they or they would have come back Three weeks after the project has been completed at see if the were any problems. They have not come return.”

How the Scam works

The service provider contacts the owner, That is by leaving a brochure Where Go door to door, affirming this they or they have has been Do work in the Region and noticed the condition of the of the owner aisle Where curb. The service provider may claim this they or they are power at give a delivery Where use left over Material of a nearby work to place at reduce the the price of the project. Often, the in the front Cost Where to pay demand by the service provider is a significantly upper percentage that is typical. More deposits for contract services should medium Between 10-30% of the total project the price unless a clearly communicated publish requires a After important Payment.

Once you have paid for the services, asphalt paving scams progress down Three main paths:

Service provider disappears. Immediately after collection your Check Where receive Payment through other means, the service provider merely disappears. Provided Contact Numbers Where emails go without answer and the is Nope aptitude at obtain your silver return.

Unprofessional results. In many case, the service provider leads the work, but the end results are unprofessional, short term and ineffective. The service provider may fail at install the asphalt properly, create a unstable and poorly packed up aisle this is degrading significantly after the first heavy downpour. This may cause rocks and other chemical products at washing in your court, impacting his growth and health Where damaging the tires of your vehicle when conduct on the other side the asphalt.

Nope follow service Where guarantee. Affirming this the project is below guarantee for a specific amount of time assistance the owners feel confident this any problems this arise will be be taken care of by the service provider. Unfortunately, when contact the company for follow service, the company failed at deliver on his to promise provoking the owner at Contact another one company at conduct the repairs.

Con artists often disguise themselves as legit, well known companies at convince mistrustful consumers this they or they are protected in their investment. When to attempt at Contact the company this the service provider represented, the owner discover this the company has Nope registration of the service provider who conducted the work Where sold the project.

How at avoid asphalt paving scams

Be mistrustful of unsolicited offers. More service provider scams begin with a Random meet, where a service provider goes out of their way at to offer a estimate on a work this has been never demand. Whereas door to door sale tactical are used by legit companies, this is important at exercise After caution when interact with their at to assure you are not transaction with a scam.

To research companies and contractors. Use and other services this To allow you at Lily Comments, ratings and complaints of the company Where service provider before paying any silver. Often, a Easy the Internet look for will be reveal companies Where people this have has been involved in fraudulent Activities Where provided unsatisfactory work at previous clients.

Obtain everything in writing. Request and expect estimates at be in writing before Payment is same discussed. Do not To allow a service provider at begin work until a writing and sign Contract is provided at you and understand, at a minimum, beginning and completed Appointment, a detailed the description of the work at be provided, Material costs, Payment arrangements and guarantee information.

Ladder Payments. More entrepreneurs require a percentage of the total the price in the front, but this should never be the full the price of the project. BBB recommended staggering Payments more the expected length of the project, then the owner has the aptitude at inspect the work at various steps. Whether unknown with the treat, interrogate questions and have the service provider describe What they or they are Do in detail. Be mistrustful of any service provider this requires bigger that 50% of the total Cost of the project in the front.

Use sure Payment methods. Credit cards to bring bigger protections for retrieve lost silver if transaction with a fraudulent company that debit cards Where thread transfers. Whether paying by Check, this should be paid at a company, not a individual.


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