An air conditioning specialist gives advice on what people can do to keep their homes cool with rising temperatures


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – According to KY3 First Alert Weather meteorologist Danielle Davis, there is no heat advisory in southwestern Missouri, but Tuesday is still extremely hot with temperatures in the 90’s.

Many people at home may wonder what they can do to keep their home cool without having to call an air conditioning company. Brett Callahan, manager of Air Services’ heating and cooling department, said one thing people can do is change their filters every three months.

An air service manager shares tips on what people can do to keep their homes cool without calling an air conditioning company.(KY3)

“That’s one of the main reasons we’re answering these emergency calls is the frozen coils,” Callahan said. “The airflow is cut off because of these dirty filters.”

He said it’s important for people to understand how their home air conditioner works if the unit breaks down.

“It’s good to have a general knowledge of how you work,” he says.

Callahan said he tells customers to watch the temperature on their thermostat, subtract 20 from that number, and that should be the temperature coming out of the vents. He said it’s the best way to tell if a customer’s air conditioning unit is working properly. He also recommends always opening your supply vents.

With the current heat wave in Springfield, Air Services Heating & Cooling has been very busy on calls.

“We are working around the clock, we have 24 technicians on our team and we are currently overwhelmed with calls.”

He also said the company had to raise rates over the past three months due to inflation.

For people who can’t afford an AC unit but still want tips on how to stay cool in the heat, he said attic fans are a good alternative.

“If you open your windows and turn on the attic fans, the only breeze that passes through your house will feel much better.”

He said if you have an AC unit he doesn’t recommend opening the windows as the heat can get in. He also advises everyone to change the batteries in their thermostat once a year.

“Make sure you keep everything sealed so your air conditioner can do its job.”

More importantly, Callahan said people should call their contractor to schedule annual maintenance if they have an air conditioning unit. This way, contractors can usually catch small issues before they turn into major repairs.

If you have any questions regarding the tips mentioned above, visit the Air services website and call the number given.

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