After Boston Mezzanine Collapse, Two Contractors Face Citations and Proposed Penalties Occupational Health and Safety


After Boston mezzanine collapse, two contractors face citations and proposed penalties

The collapse resulted in one worker losing his legs and two others being injured.

Two contractors are each facing citations following a mezzanine collapse that left one worker losing a leg and injuring two other workers.

According to a press release, workers were working on a demolition and asbestos removal project in Boston when a concrete mezzanine collapsed. OSHA inspected two contractors after the May 2022 incident, NorthStar Contracting Group Inc. and general contractor Suffolk Construction Inc.

OSHA said NorthStar Contracting Group Inc. failed to ensure an engineering survey was performed “to determine the condition of the mezzanine and the frame, floors and walls during demolition operations in order to avoid the possibility of an unforeseen collapse,” “[e]ensure that a designated competent person has performed or supervised the required tasks in the asbestos containment area, ” properly train workers on certain hazards, “remove asbestos-containing waste before the end of the shift”, post weight limits on the mezzanine so they are visible, and ensure that workers use the weights correctly. respirators in “regulated asbestos containment areas”.

The agency also said Suffolk Construction Inc. had no “[i]only inspect the work of the contractor in the asbestos regulated containment area to ensure compliance with all aspects of the asbestos standard, “carry out inspections regularly”inside the asbestos control area of ​​the mezzanine” and “have a plan in place to prevent an unplanned mezzanine collapse,” in addition to not posting weight limits and ensuring proper use of respirators, the press release said.

NorthStar Contracting Group Inc. was assessed three willful violations, four serious and one non-serious and proposed penalties of $399,864; Suffolk Construction Inc. received two voluntary and three serious citations and proposed penalties of $292,116.

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