A couple “forever in debt” to those who came to their aid


Andrew was first diagnosed with MND in February 2015. Photographed next to his wife Yvonne outside their new home extension. Both say they will be forever indebted to the businesses, family, friends and neighbors who came to help with the reconstruction.

HOPE The Brennan family is looking forward to Christmas in a renovated home

A person with motor neuron disease (MND) and his wife will celebrate Christmas at home this year with their family in a new environment after dozens of volunteers and businesses come together to build and fit out an extension in their Mullagh house.

Andrew and Yvonne Brennan wish to thank everyone who came to their aid to see the expansion project come to an end.

“Their generosity, the kindness of people, strangers, our friends and our neighbors, we cannot thank them enough,” the couple said.

Having received letters from Andrew, the following businesses, traders and service providers have responded generously.

Frazer’s Hardware in Kingscourt, O’Reilly’s Concrete, Senator Windows, Flanagan Timber, Kingspan, Xtratherm, Nationwide Tiles, Forbo Flooring, Pronto Doors, Waller Bros Hardware, Adrian Cahill Security, Mannok, Roadstone, Sika Ireland, Des Kelly, Crown Paints, Fleetwood Paint, Dulux and Wilton Recycling have all made contact. There were others as well, while WGG Architects, building expert Martin Gormley and Alan Traynor Structural Engineering all stuck with the project until the end.

When Andrew was diagnosed with devastating MND in 2015, at the age of just 31, he had between two and five years to live. To meet Andrew’s future needs, the Brennans received a city grant of € 30,000 to build a downstairs bedroom, bathroom and to provide a fully wheelchair accessible entrance. They hired a private contractor who completed the project in June 2016.

The couple permanently moved to the downstairs bedroom in the winter of 2017 due to Andrew’s deteriorating condition, but they found the new accommodation very cold.

“We slept in our clothes, it was so cold,” says Andrew, who developed a serious lung infection.

After raising the issue with the contractor, in April 2018, the firm performed repair work but this did not resolve the issue to the Brennans’ satisfaction.

The Anglo-Celtic contacted the contractor who undertook the original extension project and, in a response from the company’s attorney, they said the contractor was “absolutely satisfied that all work undertaken by them was done to their usual very high standards and in accordance with all regulations “.

Eventually, the Brennans received an additional € 19,000 grant from County Cavan Council and were determined to rebuild the extension to solve the problems, writing to businesses across Ireland for help.

“It was a final project that he [Andrew] wanted to do, ”said an emotional Yvonne. “For his comfort and for us. “

Eight weeks of emergency accommodation at Lakeside Manor was provided by the council, while the new extension was under construction, starting in May of this year and in five months.

“We would like to thank Farrell Brady and the staff at Lakeside Manor and a big thank you to Martin Gormley. We had a line of people coming to the door. Neighbors, friends… all came together to help, ”says grateful Andrew.

He now feels comfortable and secure about his family’s future.

“We must move forward,” said the couple, who are “forever indebted” to all those who rallied to their aid.


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